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At AmeriPlan, our mission is "Saving America Money...One Household at a Time." Since 1992, AmeriPlan® members have saved hundreds of millions of dollars receiving discounted health care services using the AmeriPlan® provider network. AmeriPlan is a member of the BBB, Consumer Health Alliance, and the National Association of Dental Plans.

In addition to our signature Dental Plus and AmeriPlan Healthcare™ plans which will help your family save significant money on medical and dental expenses, AmeriPlan now provides families with savings on non-medical services as well.

Dental Plus™ - AmeriPlan offers both an individual Dental Plus as well as a household Dental Plus plan starting as low as $14.95 per month. The Dental Plus plan offers significant savings on all dental services including work performed by specialists. Our Dental Plus plan also includes discounts on prescriptions, chiropractic, and vision care with no limits on age or number of visits.

AmeriPlan Healthcare™ - AmeriPlan Healthcare includes all the features of the Dental Plus plan with Physician Care, Ancillary Services (lab tests, imaging studies, hearing services, physical therapy, mental health services, diabetic supplies), Hospital Advocacy, podiatry and AmeriDoc!

Platinum Plus - Includes the Dental Plus household plan, ID Theft Protection,   and savings on dining, automotive, recreation, and shopping.

Total Platinum - Includes the Total Health plan including AmeriDoc,  ID Theft Protection, plus savings on dining, automotive, recreation, and shopping.

Platinum Freedom Pass - Take advantage of all of AmeriPlan's savings programs including the Total Health plan, IDSecureNet, savings on dining, travel, recreation, automotive, shopping, business and technology products, hotels, travel, auto rental, and grocery coupons.