AmeriPlan Prescription Advocacy Program - A Patient Assistance Program
Nobody should have to choose between buying groceries and paying for their medications.
We can help.
Are prescription drugs costing you more than $90 a month?
AmeriPlan® may be able to help!

AmeriPlan® now offers, to its members who qualify, the AmeriPlan® Prescription Advocacy Program (APAP).  APAP provides an easy, affordable way to obtain costly prescription medications.  We offer low-cost, worry-free, full-service prescription assistance program designed to utilize Patient Assistance Programs (P.A.P.s) currently offered by pharmaceutical companies that provide medications to eligible individuals. 

Traditionally, participation in a P.A.P. requires a lengthy qualification, application and approval process for the patient for each medication.  Now, with the AmeriPlan® Prescription Advocacy Program, we do all the legwork for you, allowing you to recieve your medcations at substantial savings ~ worry-free!
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