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What are Discount Health Plans? by Helene Zemel

As anyone who has had to pay for health insurance recently can tell you, the cost of providing health insurance for a family of 4 has risen tremendously over the past few decades. Many small and medium size industries can no longer continue to provide their workers with expensive health insurance benefits.  Read more....

Affordable Dental Plans for your Family by Helene Zemel

Good dental care is so important to your family's good health and well-being. Who can underestimate the importance of a pleasant and attractive smile? Healthy gums and teeth can contribute to an individual's self esteem. A pleasant smile can help you feel confident and secure when you meet people, and even help you perform well at a job interview.  Read more....

Finding an Affordable Dental Plan - Questions to Ask
by Helene Zemel

American consumers have a number of good dental plan companies to choose from. However, not all plans are created equal. Here are some good questions to ask when searching for an affordable family dental plan.  Read more....